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Quadpad Ultimate
Quaduro Flight-Pad
How can I purchase a Quadpad PC
i. Quaduro products are sold world wide via a network of dealers and system integrators either as part of a solution of an individual PC. If you wish to order a device or discuss a project where QuadPad Tablet PC’s are required please contact us.

There is no price list on the website, how much are they?
i. Quaduro System is an “integrator friendly” brand and a focused solutions provider. There are hundreds of potential packages, specification and price points depending on factors such as quantity, system configuration etc. Please contact us to obtain a specific quote.

How are these products supported?
i. Quaduro systems offers 12 month warranty as standard on all products (6 months for batteries). In the rare event of a product failing within the first 12 month of use, kindly contact your dealer or us directly on . Products are repaired and returned within 3 - 5 working days in most cases.
I want to buy a Quadpad tablet computer but there isn’t a dealer in my country?
i. Quaduro Systems currently has dealers in over 15 countries. If you are looking to purchase our product but don’t have a local dealer, get in touch with us directly by contacting our London based offices. We are happy to sell directly world wide and keen to find dealers in new regions

I need a spare part, where can I go?
i. Whether you need a new LCD, battery, motherboard or RAM, we hold every Quaduro Systems hardware in stock. Parts can either be sold directly or fitted. If your device is under 12 months old no labour fee is charged on installation of parts even if it’s due to user fault. Contact us or your local dealer with your requirements.

I like one of the models but wish to change to Solid state drive instead of normal Hard Drive. Is this possible?
i. Of course. Quaduro Systems is focused on providing solutions within the vertical market place. If you need to make changes to our standard specification depending on your project requirement then we can work with you to ensure the right hardware is installed in your Quadpad device. Whether it’s a SSD drive for your aviation needs or a day light readable display for outdoor use.

Quadpad 1

I need a camera built into my Quadpad 1, is this possible?
The Quadpad 1 can have a CCD fitted. The camera is designed in a unique way allowing the user to capture images and video of its self and also of the things in front of it. Ideal for all needs from web conferencing to data collection. Contact us for detailed list of our additional features

My Quadpad 1 has 1GB ram but I wish to upgrade to 2GB. Is this possible?
Yes, most Quadpad 1 models have 2 RAM slots. This allows us to use 2 * 1GB modules in the device to get a total of 2GB or RAM. Single 2GB module will not function with the Via c7M board.

I have purchased a 1GB RAM module myself but it is showing only as 512mb? Why is this?
Memory density is key when choosing a DDR2 RAM Module. Some low cost RAM modules use a different density of memory in their modules and these don’t always sit well with VIA board. We recommend you use RAM modules provided by Quaduro Systems directly to ensure safe and optimum use of your Quaduro Systems computers.

I need to power by Quadpad PC when on the road. What power charging options do I have?
Quaduro systems offers both a 12V (for cars) and 24V (for trucks) power packs for your QuadPad tablet PC when your on the road. It’s important the correct power pack is used.
Quadpad 2

Can the QuadPad 2 be VESA mounted?
Yes, the QuadPad 2 Slate tablet PC has VESA holes on reverse of the device, allowing the user to mount the tablet PC onto any universal VESA bracket.

What i the maximum screen resolution on the QuadPad 2?
The QuadPad 2 tablet PC has a maximum screen resolution of 1024 * 600. The device has a wide touch screen display.

How do I enter bios screen?
The QuadPad 2 does not have any hot keys, in order to enter the bios set up, you must install an external USB keyboard and press the F11 Key.