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Quadpad 1 Slate Tablet Pc

  CPU:  VIA C7M 1.2Ghz
 Memory:  1GB DDR2 RAM
 Graphics:  Resolution 800 * 600
 Screen:  8.4" Touch screen Display
 Storage:  80GB SATA Hard Disk Drive up to 500GB optional.
 Connectivity:  Wifi Bluetooth
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Expansion:  PCMCIA 3 * USB

Power:  upto 3 hours Battery
Software:  Windows XP home, pro, Tablet Edition, Vista Basic Linux
Dimensions:  enquire
Weight:  2KG approx with Battery
Operating temp.:  +1 - +47

For Integrator projects and dealer discounts, contact us to discuss discounted pricing

The Quaduro Quadpad I is a slate tablet PC, and its capability is based on an architecture featuring mainstream operating systems, allowing users to run familiar applications in various surroundings at any time.

Installation on a LAN, WAN and WPAN via Bluetooth and WIFI enable connectivity to other systems on the network. Sync with POS systems; use it as a VoIP tool, a control panel for automation system, a PC based diagnostics tool in the automotive industry or simply a presentation tool the possibilities are endless.

Enhance the learning process for students, motivate and build enthusiasm by replacing conventional books with the cost effective windows based touch screen Quadpad I alternative. Offer a range of award winning contents included interactive multimedia learning resources. Cut costs associated with reporting and administration as well as the paperless school concept.

The Quadpad I is a semi rugged device built within its small, thin, and light platform design. The 8.4” Touch Screen LCD display and power-efficient technologies enable long battery life to extend productivity of the unit. The combination of such facilities makes the Quadpad an ideal cost effective tool in many vertical industries.

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            I need a camera built into my Quadpad 1, is this possible?

            The Quadpad 1 can have a CCD fitted. The camera is designed in a unique way allowing the user to capture images and video of its self and also of the things in front of it. Ideal for all needs from web conferencing to data collection. Contact us for detailed list of our additional features


            My Quadpad 1 has 1GB ram but I wish to upgrade to 2GB. Is this possible?

            Yes, most Quadpad 1 models have 2 RAM slots. This allows us to use 2 * 1GB modules in the device to get a total of 2GB or RAM. Single 2GB module will not function with the Via c7M board.


            I have purchased a 1GB RAM module myself but it is showing only as 512mb? Why is this?

            Memory density is key when choosing a DDR2 RAM Module. Some low cost RAM modules use a different density of memory in their modules and these don’t always sit well with VIA board. We recommend you use RAM modules provided by Quaduro Systems directly to ensure safe and optimum use of your Quaduro Systems computers.


            I need to power by Quadpad PC when on the road. What power charging options do I have?

            Quaduro systems offers both a 12V (for cars) and 24V (for trucks) power packs for your QuadPad tablet PC when your on the road. It’s important the correct power pack is used.

            Rubber Jacket for QuadPad 1
            12V car Adapter for QuadPad Tablet PC
            QuadPad External Battery charger
            QuadPad 1 Tablet PC Battery
            Cleaning Cloth
            2.5" SATAII Hard Drive 5400/7200 RPM 16MB Cache
            Stylus Replacement for QuadPad Tablet PC
            Wired mini Keyboard for Tablet PC
            Wireless mini Keyboard for Tablet PC