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[18th Aug 2010] QuadPad Tablet PC with Sun light readable displays


Recent advances in technology have now enabled the use of sunlight readable technology to be included at reasonable price points with the QuadPad range of industrial tablet PC computers to maintain productivity whilst using the devices under sunlight outdoor or light rain. For Quaduro Systems the opportunity to enhance the Quaduro V12 was with the intention of customer satisfaction in mind. Now customers can experience outdoor industrial tablet pc computing under direct or indirect sunlight with the Sun light readable display on the QuadPad V12.

Our sunlight readable tablet PC collection

quadpad v12
Quadpad v12
quadpad ultimate
Quadpad Ultimate

quadpad flightpad
Quaduro FlightPad

Quadpad V8 PRO


Recent Technology in liquid-crystal displays have created new outdoor applications for sunlight viewing, especially due to the high demand of outdoor usage of our Quaduro Quadpad V12 and other QuadPad products such as the Quaduro Flight Pad tablet PC. Quaduro Systems has realized the potential of the the need for cost effective sun light readability, especially in arena’s of field technicians and industrial personnel. However, a new trend has begun, which is set to change the way people look at digital displays provided by Quaduro Systems. A large number of our customers are opting for the newly remodelled Quaduro Quadpad V12 from the conventional ones, which is fully equipped with sunlight readable display.

So what are the reasons behind sunlight readable LCD screens available on the Industrial Quadpad V12?

Rise in Outdoor Usage of the Quadpad-, our end users look for a solution that can be as mobile and flexible as possible which has helped us redesign our Quadpad V12 for these purposes. Our clients including system integrators and end users represent a wide array of vertical markets and Industries which in some cases require them to be mobile whether that will be out in a field somewhere or on a highway getting from point A to B. However conventional screens only allowed such campaigns to be feasible after evening sets in or on an indoor basis. Sunlight readable LCD screens have helped improve profits and attention span of clients considerably.

Power Consumption: Sunlight readable LCD screens help bring down the power consumption and increase battery life considerably in comparison to common anti glare displays which is a big plus point for our users. Apart from the usual backlight that help improve the readability of such LCD screens even in direct sunlight, there are other alternatives available too. Quaduro SunLight readable display are designed for industrial, commercial, military purposes and are used over a wide number of industry types.

Sun-light readable displays for tablet PC's are also found in our QuadPad 1 and Quaduro Flight-Pad for tablet Pc' aviation.

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