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[9th Apr 2012] NDT Supplier choose QuadPad V12 Rugged Tablet PC

Silverwing LTD a global leading specialist in Non Destructive Testing Equipment uses QuadPad V12 Tablet PC as part of their design, development, manufacture and supply of NDT systems and equipment.

QuadPad Commercial and industrial Tablet PC’s are used by hundreds of inspection and testing firms across the globe, in recent years NDT related tasks have used windows based Tablet PC’s to carry out the wide numbers of tasks within the sector. Typically testing requires a windows based application to run as part of an inspection process, by running the application on a Windows Based rugged QuadPad Tablet PC; users are able to take their testing processors mobile into the field, up ladders, in tunnels and anywhere a robust tablet PC can go thus enabling a efficient; productive testing operation.

Why is a QuadPad Tablet PC Ideal?

The QuadPad Tablet PC is 12” IP Rated rugged Tablet PC; designed to be dust and splash proof, the IP rated device can be used in environment with high levels ofdust including graphite dust often found in mining, glass, paint, metal relating environments.  

The Quadpad V12 Tablet PC is also used in factories and productions lines as a mobile control system. Operators can benefit from not just the mobile form factor of the QuadPad V12 Tablet PC but also accessories such as docking stations, wall mounts and protective jackets.

About silverWing:

Established since January 1983 Silverwing UK Ltd is the leading specialist in Non Destructive Testing Equipment and Systems (NDT Equipment and Systems) – We specialise in the design, development, manufacture and supply of NDT systems and equipment for Above Ground Storage Tank & pipeline inspection aimed specifically at the Petro-Chemical Industry.

About Quaduro Systems:

Quaduro Systems is a global brand of business, commercial Tablet PC products for industrial uses. Available in over 24 countries, QuadPad Tablet PC’s is part of the Quaduro Systems brand of Tablet PC’s. As well as high quality tablet pc’s Quaduro Systems offers award winning 2 years collect and return warranty. For more information on the QuadPad Tablet PC and what it can do for your business visit




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