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Why Quadpads

Tools for Professionals

QuadPad’s have created their own niche in the world of business mobile technology, redefining the possibilities
of access to data and applications in the widest range of environments from the luxury yacht to the local automotive garage.
Since the launch of our first tablet over 3 years ago, we have taken the concept of the Tablet PC to the end user with
simplicity and in a cost effective method. Making it readily available.

The “QuadPad” has created a situation in which we’re a leading partner for systems integrators and the business
slate tablet PC market, with a growing market share*. Now, people don’t refer to ‘slate’ or ‘tablet’ pc’s.
They simply refer to QuadPads.

Save. lower cost over time.

There are less expensive notebooks in the market, so why do customers choose Quaduro' Quadpad? Because,
You will save money with lower product turn over and because Your work can be complicated enough. That’s why
Quadpads are equipped with the most up-to-date technology in order to make your business life easier.
Quadads enable interaction directly with the screen, rather than with a mouse and keyboard, the tablet pc
becomes more comfortable and easy to use.

Unprecedented Flexibility.

QuadPads can be used in a ny industry by any user. There no need to find a flat space on which to use your PC,
nor does a vertical screen become a dividing wall between you and the person with you whom you are meeting.
What's more, a Tablet PC can even be used while standing up, which is perfect for professionals on the move such
as doctors, mechanics, warehouse staff.

QuadPads are durable against notebook’s.

• Semi Rugged
• Wireless with integrated Wifi and Bluetooth for network connectivity.
• Windows Based

The innovative Quaduro product are new breed of a very usable, practical tools that have been proved by tough testing,
pro-test results prove this product to be reliable and competitive for users.