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About us

Why Quadpads?
QuadPad’s have created their own niche in the world of business mobile technology, redefining the possibilities of access to data and applications in the widest range of environments from the luxury yacht to the local automotive garage. Since the launch of our first tablet over 3 years ago, we have taken the concept of the Tablet PC to the end user with simplicity and in a cost effective method. Making it readily available... [read more]

Company Profile
Quaduro Systems is a UK brand eshtablished first in 2004, today the global brand is a Trademark of Alexander Ward Ltd. Operating from purpose built facilities in London, United Kingdom equipment is shipped around the world from our main London facilities. With a head-office in London, UK since 2004... [read more]

Case Studies
Applications and uses of the Quadpad Tablet PC solutions in industry and trade... [read more]

A few of our Quadpad Tablet PC partners... [read more]

Software solutions
Information on Quaduro Docfly offered by us... [read more]