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Dedicated Tablet PC Manufacturer and Distributor to Vertical Industries

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Portable, Durable, and Eminent Tablet PC's

From field sales to construction sites, the Quaduro tablet pc range has the qualities to suit a wide array of industries. Based on the familiar mainstream windows operating system, the QuadPad range of tablet computers are feature packed and designed for industry. From the fully rugged Industrial IP54 QuadPad V8 Pro with barcode reader and rear facing camera, to the slick and powerful QuadPad 3G Plus Tablet PC, the Quaduro brand of QuadPad Tablet PCs has something for every sector.



One provider, endless possibilities

Quaduro systems works closely with its field partners to develop and distribute robust mobile tablet pc devices and computing solutions for a wide variety of different sectors.

With a Quaduro Quadpad, you can be rest assured that you're buying more than just a tablet pc. You're buying a complete commercial tablet PC solution, with a 3 year warranty as standard and dedicated support at your beck and call. To find out more about our experience in various fields, click the links on the right.

Control panels
Home automation



Slate Tablet PC for System Integrators

The Quadpad slate tablet PCs with their industrial high quality touch screen displays can be used both by touch and stylus pens and have quick accessible full virtual QWERTY multi-language keyboards as well as multiple USB ports for add on input devices.

The QuadPad slate range of integrator friendly tablet computers are designed for business, software developers and system integrators from a wide number of industries focusing on quality, reliability and after sales for the commercial end user. The Quaduro system is the first choice in business tablet computing, removing the limitations generated by less flexible consumer tablet pc brands.


Customer Service & Reliability

What does this mean for our customers? They always receive a QuadPad Windows tablet PC or industrial tablet PC and UMPC devices which are based on quality, the latest technology and innovation.

Empower yourself with an option-packed Quaduro Quadpad Tablet PC and experience innovative, cutting-edge and cost-effective mobile computing.


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